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 Election day is fast approaching and as dog lovers, those of us living is Florida must vote NO on Amendment 13!!

Contrary to what the ads on media are telling us - this amendment is NOT just about Greyhound racing! If passed, it could seriously affect ANY event for dogs...be it showing, lure coursing, agility or the many other events we love to participate in with our dogs!

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The following letter from the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs, Inc. provides an explanation of our concerns. Please take every opportunity before the election to educate and share these concerns.

October 2018
By Susan Smith
The Florida Association of Kennel Clubs, Inc., (FAKC) strongly opposes Amendment 13 on the November 6, 2018, ballot and asks people to vote NO.

Amendment 13 isn't really about Greyhound racing otherwise the wording "or any member of the Canis Familiaris subspecies" would not have been included. It's a front for much more. Clearly the intent is to establish a legal foothold in the Florida Constitution that can be used to go after legitimate activities, such as but not limited to, lure coursing, herding competitions, hunting, terrier go-to-ground events, Parson (Jack) Russell terrier races at horse shows and county fairs, agility, flyball, dock diving and even 4-H events.

"The humane treatment of animals is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida." is wording in the amendment although it doesn't appear on the ballot. Reasonable people don't want animals treated inhumanely. By including this wording, it alludes that Greyhound racing dogs are treated inhumanely. Florida law provides for criminal prosecution of all persons - including participants in Greyhound racing - who keep dogs in abusive or neglectful conditions; therefore, racing Greyhounds are subject to multiple levels of legislative and regulatory protections.

It is standard procedure for animal extremists to malign people and industries involved with animals. They will go to any lengths (deception, misinformation, manipulation) to accomplish their goals.

"What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their causes, but what they say about their opponents." - Robert Kennedy

A "NO VOTE" to Amendment 13 is protection of animal welfare.

Thank you, Susan Smith, President

HB 417 criminalizes breeders
& imposes federal regulations
House Bill 417, introduced in the 2013 Florida legislature, would subject all breeders of 11 or more intact female dogs and/or cats to all of the federal government's regulations over the handling, care, treatment, and transportation of dogs and cats.
The bill provides that all breeders must register with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and unless and until that department inspects an approves the breeder's application, any breeder who breeds any dog or cat would be committing a third degree felony. A registration would be valid for two years. In addition, the department would be required to inspect every registered breeder's facility annually. The bill does not provide for any additional funding or manpower to perform all of these inspections.
This bill would criminalize nearly all dog and cat breeding in the State of Florida. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation is not equipped to conduct all of the facility inspections necessary to register every breeder subject to the 11 animal minimum, and as long as the department has not inspected a breeder's facility and approved the breeder's application, that breeder is prohibited from breeding any animals for sale.
In addition, for those breeders whose applications are approved by the department, they must comply with federal regulations over all aspects of their breeding program -- regulations so onerous that the federal government has refused to impose them on breeders.
The bill, introduced by Rep. Bobby Powell (Democrat, Riveria Beach), left, has been referred to the Business & Professional Regulation Subcommittee.
animal cruelty statute
Senate Bill 504, introduced in the 2013 Florida legislature, would amend the Florida criminal cruelty to animals statute by specifying that a person who commits multiple acts of animal cruelty against one animal or acts of animal cruelty against multiple animals may be charged with a separate offense for each such act of animal cruelty; providing criminal penalties; providing factors that may be used in determining whether an object is animal-fighting or animal-baiting paraphernalia; and including illegal animal fighting or baiting as an offense within the definition of the term “racketeering activity” for purposes of the Florida RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Act.
The bill was introduced by Sen. Jeff Brandes (Republican - St. Petersburg).

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